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The Face of the Foundation
metal pilgrim
Vlad Stadnyk, known for his blog, Metal Pilgrim, is a big name among the heavy metal community.
Tens of thousands of followers subscribe to his Youtube Channel, where he interviews the biggest names in the metal scene. Vlad’s blogging has extended beyond his love for heavy metal, and, now, he spreads the truth about the war in Ukraine. In addition to sharing the horror Ukrainians are experiencing, he collects donations for the Steel Wings Foundation.
Who receives our aid?
54th Separate Reconnaissance Battalion
3rd Separate Anti-Aircraft Missile Division
223rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment
3rd Separate Assault Brigade
Operational Command
Current campaign
Recon drones
The fierce battle for Ukraine’s freedom continues. Ukrainian soldiers are witnessing some of the heaviest fightings of the Russian invasion around Bakhmut. Our service men and women need high-tech drones to protect their lives and bring Ukraine’s victory day closer.

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What does the foundation specialize in?

Reconnaissance Drones

Each of our UAVs will join the army of drones serving not only as our defenders in the sky but also divine retribution for the invaders.


Quality equipment boosts efficiency. Therefore, tactical glasses, headphones and gloves are not inconsequential but a necessity for fighters.

Computer Equipment

Screens, laptops and tablets help our defenders analyze scenarios in real time, identify targets and beat the enemy more coherently, bringing our victory closer.


Items intended for tactical optics are crucial for war efforts and will help track and destroy enemy targets: thermal imagers, night vision devices, laser rangefinders, binoculars, red points and thermal sights.
Why donate to the Steel Wings Foundation?
Direct communication with fighters on the front line
8 years of volunteering experience
Optimized logistics
Systemic work
Why donate for the same thing over and over?
During war, equipment is often transformed into a single-use item
Requests do not end: money does
1 million Ukrainians in the Armed Forces
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