Help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to throw away all of the invaders from our Land


What do we do?

Steel Wings help Ukrainian warriors to quickly and efficiently cover "small" necessities to save lives on the frontlines

Gadgets & Optics

Our warriors defend our lives daily, and we should be helping them by providing anything they need on the frontlines. Thermal visioners, binoculars and other optics is extremely important and has be to constantly updated and provided to the frontlines.

Drones and UAVs

The eyes in the skies are one of the key aspects of today's war. And that's why we have to provide drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles to our defenders to be informed and be able to achieve the goals set before them.

Repair equipment

Equipment has a peculiarity of breaking, and especially with such severe use as today. And thus, our task is to help the military to quickly provide all the necessary parts to ensure a quick and smooth repair process directly at the positions.